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It started with a kiss xx

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Mexx is a brand that was born just like you – starting with a kiss. Think about it. It’s how you’re here, and it’s how Mexx is here, too.

The date was 1986. The place was Amsterdam and the visionary was a man by the name of Rattan Chadha. In 1986 Rattan Chadha took his two brands Moustache, his men’s brand (M), and Emanuelle, his women’s brand (E), and joined them to create a new one. He sealed the match with two kisses (xx): Mexx.


That’s how we got our name and came into being. Since then we’ve been designing quality fashion and accessories that take inspiration from the energy and buzz of the city. The lines are Mexx Women, Men, Kids and Accessories but also Mexx Scents and Eyes.

Since 1989 we create eyewear that finds a way into lives. Frames, that once discovered, will be worn, loved and a part of your life, whatever the occasion. Everyday eyewear for real people. People who, like us, live life to its fullest and prefer being real to being perfect.



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